Different Types of Underfloor Heating Systems

There are a lot of options when it comes on how to heat your home. Underfloor heating is surely one method you have to check out. Below is some information you need to know about underfloor heating.

Underfloor heating has already been commonly used in many countries in Northern Europe, but in the past few years, it has also been widely used in others countries of the world. This can be installed in the fresh builds or even in your existing property.

The underground heating system enables the flooring to radiate heat. The underground heating systems has typically two different kinds. They operate in a similar way but they differ in the way of generating heat. The water based underfloor heating method circulates heated water through a pipe and radiates heat, which keeps the floor warm. While the electrical underground heating method uses electric heating cable to generate heat.

Electric Underfloor Heating System

No matter if it is commercial or domestic, small or large, the electric underfloor heating systems are efficiently fitting for all types of property. The mechanics for this specific method is cost-effective as well as not complex. This system just require the installation of joint hollow pipes between the ground and the floor, on which the property is built. The entire network is all connected to an electric socket. Turning on the switch makes the air in these pipes heat up through the process of radiation, this cause the warming of the floor and maintains a comfortable environment inside your house.

Water Based Underfloor Heating System

This method employs water that is heated at a lower temperature than the usual radiator heating system, in which they installed the emitters on the walls. This is what makes the water based underfloor heating system much better to be used, along with a high efficiency condensing boilers. Furthermore, the lower temperature makes this system the best to be used with solar water heaters or heat pumps.

So as to keep the temperature of the heated water controlled, the hot water from the boiler and the water in the pipe are constantly blend. This way you can easily attained the certain temperature that you want. The heated water is then circulate to all the zones of flooring. Zoning the water pipes infrastructure is very useful because that way the water is distributed directly to any room of your choice, this means that you have the option to heat just your washroom or bedroom or kitchen flooring.

Before you install on one of these, you should ensure first if the system is fits to your house and floor conditions. The right underfloor heating method will prevent any dampness felt under the feet and ensure a cozy and warm home.

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