How Your Salon Can Be Successful In Servicing Clients With Thinning Hair

Most often, people with thinning hair are not considered in salon marketing. What salons do not consider is that it is a great client base!

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Millions of men and women have hair loss. Those men and women are your potential clients! Maybe most of them if not all but it is a fact that they are the neglected ones when hair salons do marketing.

The stigma of hair loss or baldness has led people to be ashamed of it.

This is the situation where a salon can offer help! These are some tips to consider in marketing your salon for clients with thinning hair.

The moment a client sits down in your chair, salon marketing begins. Initiate a communication with the client. Ask your client about what they love and what they hate about their hair.

You can ask about how your clients feel about their hair. Likely, hair loss or thinning might be brought up. This is the time to come in. Start telling them about hairstyle and products for thinner hair. Your clients have confidence in your ability to give advice on how they can look and feel better. Your salon may offer a personalized treatment package for clients with thinning hair.

Prepare a salon treatment together with a set of products for the patient to take home. Give the necessary information as to the nature and use of the products and the expected results. Clients who see what you are putting in to help them, they will tell more people so more hair loss clients will come to your salon.

New clients come to your salon because of feedback from your present clients. If clients tried your services and products and liked them, try convincing them to tell people about it. Put before and after pictures and interviews in your website, social media page and brochures.

Check out the materials for your marketing and consider the models’ age. Make sure that your materials, posters and images conform to any age group.

Make sure your hair loss treatment package is presented in your brochure. Models 45 years or older will be more appropriate. Your older clients might be alienated if you use young models only.

Link up with other businesses catering to hair loss. Hair specialists, medical practitioners and surgeons provide great opportunity for partnerships. They are the ones who can give suggestions for people who have baldness or hair thinning. As them if they are willing to be your references. A good relationship with them will lead to a successful business.

Now make your salon grow, include services for thinning hair now. Take these tips seriously and give your salon business a lift.